Smoothie Demos

Our holistic chef provides a demonstration including education on preparation of nutritious, organic smoothies as breakfast or snack and meal replacement smoothies. Smoothie samples and recipes are provided. Fees vary based on length of time and number of anticipated participants.

Wellness and food Demos

Wellness Seminars & Food Demos

We offer a variety of topics for lunch and learn seminars and food demonstrations. Presentations are one-hour in length, interactive including a PowerPoint presentation with time for your questions. Food demos can also be provided in a health fair environment, excluding the PowerPoint presentation. Samples of the recipe demonstrated, educational handouts and recipes are provided. We will customize topics for your worksite.

Some of our most popular topics are:

  • Healthy Eating 101 – Where do I start with healthier eating? Our holistic chef shares her “evil baddies” foods to avoid taking steps to improve wellness routines. Includes demonstration of Cauliflower Tabouli recipe.
  • Are You Telling Me That I Can Eat Carbs – This presentation includes statistics and nutritional education and recommendations for diabetes prevention and management, educational handouts, and recipes. Includes information from the American Diabetes Association and a cooking demonstration of Pad Thai Kale recipe.
  • Work+Exercise+Eating=Good Health – This presentation includes statistics on diabetes, weight, heart attack and cancer, their costs and “7 tips to fit into busy schedules”. It also includes information from the Surgeon General about the “economic benefits of preventing disease.” Includes cooking demonstration of Black Bean Avocado recipe.
  • Clean Eating – This presentation discusses “Created Foods vs. Natural Foods: Organic, Non-GMO, Irradiation Free – What Does All This Mean?,” “Clean Foods vs. Enhanced Foods,” and “Foods That Taste Good AND Are Good For You.” Includes cooking demonstration of Cilantro Ginger Green Beans recipe.
  • Truth Or Dare Label Reading – Compare and contrast ingredients in natural packaged foods with conventional packaged foods. Includes food samplings of conventional and ‘natural” popular food choices.
  • Antioxidants – Are antioxidants real and why are they important? Includes demonstration of Avocado Something recipe.
  • How To Beat The Afternoon ‘Slump” – Tips and strategies on how to boost energy levels in the afternoon by eating the right types of foods, and exercise during the day. Includes demonstration of Kale Berry Orange recipe.
  • How Food Affects Your Mood – Information on foods and beverages, how and why they can affect your mood. Includes demonstration of Peach Delight recipe.
  • What Super Foods Can Do and Where You Can Find Them – What Super Foods Can Do and Where You Can Find Them
    Are quinoa and kale our only superfood choices? What makes a food a Super Food? Why are they important in our daily eating? Includes demonstration of Mock Ranch Dip recipe.
  • Cooking For A Busy Life – Quick tips on how to cook at home while having a life. Demonstration includes Artichoke Garbanzo and Chicken Tabouli recipe.
  • Is It Naptime Yet? – Afternoon siestas are intrinsic to human nature. When that fatigue does not go away, are there underlying problems? Recipe demonstration for Zucchini, Avocado, Cilantro.
  • Implementing a Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Disease – Learn how can small modifications in our lifestyles may lead to a healthier, happier future. Recipe demonstration for Lentil Salad.
  • How to Do a Sugar Detox – Provide more energy, stop sugar cravings, and gain more energy in the process. Recipe demonstration for Ginger Pear Watercress
  • Stress-Busting Alternatives to Eating Junk Food – Stress can lead to eating all the wrong things. Are there fun, flavorful alternatives to break away from stress? Recipe demonstration of Peach Gazpacho.


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