Wellness Seminars & Food Demos

Wellness and food Demos

We offer a variety of topics for lunch and learn seminars and food demonstrations. Presentations are interactive including a PowerPoint presentation with time for your questions. Food samples, educational handouts and recipes are provided. We will customize topics for your worksite. Wellness seminars fees vary based the size of the group. Some of our most popular topics are:

  • Are You Telling Me That I Can Eat Carbs? – This presentation includes statistics and nutritional education and recommendations for diabetes prevention and management, educational handouts, and recipes. Includes information from the American Diabetes Association, cooking demonstration, and samples of healthy recipes.
  • Healthy Grilling Throughout the Summer and Beyond – Learn 10 tips for healthier grilling. Includes cooking demonstration and samples of great healthy summer recipes.
  • Holiday Eating 101 – Learn how to eat healthy through the holidays. Learn what is in a calorie and why it matters, learn about processed foods and how they affect the body, and how food choices change our health. Includes cooking demonstration and samples of vegan and gluten free recipes.
  • Deconstructing Thanksgiving Dinner – Learn how to prepare a healthy, more nutritious Thanksgiving dinner that is still delicious! Includes cooking demonstration and samples of Thanksgiving dinner food suggestions and recipes.
  • Work+Exercise+Eating=Good Health – This presentation includes statistics on diabetes, weight, heart attack and cancer, their costs and “7 tips to fit into busy schedules”. It also includes information from the Surgeon General about the “economic benefits of preventing disease”. Includes cooking demonstration and samples of vegan and gluten free recipe.
  • Clean Eating – This presentation discusses “Created Foods vs. Natural Foods: Organic, Non GMO, Irradiation Free – What Does All This Mean?”, “Clean Foods vs. Enhanced Foods”, and “Foods That Taste Good AND Are Good For You”. Includes cooking demonstration and samples of vegan and gluten free recipes.
  • Too Sweet or Not Too Sweet: That is the Question – This presentation discusses sugar and natural sweeteners. What is the truth about sugar, artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners? Is there a difference and is there a sweet I can eat? Includes cooking demonstration, samples and recipes of cream puffs or maple oat cookies.
  • West Meets East – Combining Ancient Eastern Secrets for Western Living – Aryvedic and Oriental Lifestyle Foods and Eating. – How is it that after centuries of life coming and going, Asian and Indian cultures are still some of the healthiest in the world? The secret is in what and how they eat. Can this be done is our “instant, got to have it now” life of today? Includes cooking demonstration, sample and recipes of Indian spicy brown rice cereal snack called Bhel Puri and demonstration of Asian lettuce wraps with dipping sauce.
  • Smoothie Demonstrations – This demonstration includes education on preparation of nutritious, organic smoothies as breakfast or snack and meal replacement smoothies. Smoothie samples and recipes included.

NOTE: Seminar topics can be customized and developed to meet customer needs. Just ask!

We are dedicated to creating healthy workplaces and healthy communities