Q? How much notice is required to schedule an event ?

Ans. We ask that you submit your request 60 days in advance, but we can usually accommodate events with less notice.

Q? What is the minimum number of participants required to schedule a health screening event ?

Ans. Our minimum number of screenings per event is 25; however, we often are able to accommodate a lower requirement for clients.

Q? Who will be providing the screenings ?

Ans. We provide an experienced event coordinator for events and our staff are trained medical professionals. Most of professional screeners are residents in your area.

Q? Do you offer online appointment registration ?

Ans. To reduce wait time and keep the event running smoothly, we strongly recommend participants sign up in advance. We offer free online appointment registration with our proprietary software. If the client prefers manual sign up, we can accommodate that as well.


Q? Are participants required to fast for the blood draw screenings ?

It is recommended to fast for 9 hours or more is recommended, but not required for our finger-stick screenings. Total Cholesterol, HDL, Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio, and Glucose can be accurately evaluated without fasting, but participants must fast to receive accurate LDL and Triglyceride values. Fasting is not required for PSA and A1C blood screenings.